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I Started playing drums at the age of two thanks to my parents (Alfred & Verna Dittamo) they understood the desire and ambition of a young kid and encouraged me to play music.My Uncle Fred Dittamo was accomplished musician, professional drummer, percussionist and my mentor.

He taught me throughout his life about working hard and no matter how good you think you may be you could always make yourself better.

To always play your Best..

"You my never know who's out there listening or watching"

Early Years:

When I was eleven years old my brother Ricky took up playing bass guitar..

Formed our first band in 1971 My parents allowed us to practice music in our basement. While other kids out in the neighborhood were out playing sports, we would spend our hours playing music and began playing concerts and shows at teen canteens and coffee houses around New York State and New Jersey.Even though I was still only twelve years old I was performing in night clubs fridays and saturday nights till two in the morning.

Looking back this was a great experience for me. It helped to build my confidence and taught me performance skills, on a average day I'd wake in the morning and practice for an hour just before school started and after school I would bolt back home once again to practice drums until bedtime. I continued to do this throughout my grammar and high school years. From that point on I knew that, this is what I wanted to do for a living.

While still in my teens I would would ride my bike to used bookstores and purchased books on music theory, composition and I knew I had to know more about music then just playing drums. In my twenties I studied with Andy Lesko who was an unbelievable piano player and a good friend. I also started playing the piano and organ synthesizer and mallet percussion instruments. By the time I got out of High school I already played hundreds of shows and like my Uncle Fred I began teaching drums. I found the joy of having students learn the instrument I love so much to me, has truly been fulfilling.

Playing the drums has given me the opportunity to travel the country and around the world..Meeting and making new friends.. I love to see other great drummers and to inspire each other and to share ideas.... for this is a endless journey.

Some of the people that pointed me in the right direction.

Mom and Dad

Mom and Dad


I was Bless to have great parents that supported my venture in keeping the famly bussiness in music going...

Dad passed away Nov 7th 2016

Uncle Fred

Fred Dittamo


What can you say about the person that encouraged me into the world of music..

He passed April 2000

Andy Lesko

Andy Lesko


Andy was a great friend master musician he could sight read the most ridiculous music and play it on piano. I had the great opportunity to study with him for over 3 years.

Andy passed away in 1983 at the age of 49